Real-Time River Conditions

Heading out but not sure if the river is too dirty, too high or too cold?  Fish are highly attuned to their surroundings and it takes every bit of edge to improve your catching success.  With direct access to real-time river data, you can now put the odds in your favour!
No more guessing, no more burning a day off work, no more unexpected conditions when you get down to the river.  Now you have the ability to predict fishing conditions, and make sure you are prepared.

Suggestions from the experts.

Expected Conditions Adaptive Techniques
Looks like the water will be too high. Make sure you have a full supply of heavy slip-floats, big weights and big hooks. High water conditions translate into fast moving water.  You need to get your bait to the fish so load up on weights. 
Looks like the water will be too dirty. If you still plan on heading out, your odds of catching fish will be dramatically diminshed.  However, to improve those odds, load up with bright colored baits and lures.  With dirty water, you can get away with heavier line as well.
Looks like the water will be too cold. Cold water typically means a reduction in fish activity.  Find the slower moving pools and entice fish eating through using live bait or baits with natural sent.
Looks like the water will be really clear. Clear water improves the ability for a fish to see your bait - and your line! Move your color strategy to nature colors, live and natural baits.  But don't forget to stock up on fluoro carbon leader and low-diameter line to swing the odds in your direction.



Real-Time River Data

This site provides public access to real-time hydrometric (water level and streamflow) data collected at over 1700 locations in Canada. These data are collected under a national programjointly administered under federal-provincial and federal-territorial cost-sharing agreements. It is throughpartnershipsthat theWater Survey of Canada programhas built a standardized and credible environmental information base for Canada.