Fishing Licenses

Natural Sports is a Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Authorized Licence Issuer
You may purchase your licence in person at the store with cash or debit.
MNR does not permit Credit Card Payments for Licences

Fast Facts about Ontario Outdoors Cards and Fishing Licences
A licence to fish in Ontario consists of an Outdoors Card plus a fishing licence tag (either printed on the back of the card or accompanying the card).  Here is a quick overview of the basics for Ontario residents, Canadian residents, and non-Canadian residents.  
Fishing Licences
You must have an Outdoors Card and fishing licence tag to fish in Ontario, unless you're buying a one-day licence only.
Which Tag is Right For You?
License Tag  Keep Restrictions
Sport Full Limits
Reduced Limits
There are different types of fishing licence tags available in Ontario.  The type you select will be based on the number of fish you wish to keep, the number of days you wish to fish in Ontario, and your residency status.
In order to get your fishing licence tag you'll need the following:
Your Outdoors Card number
Your date of birth
Your postal or zip code last on file
Authorized Fishing Licence Issuer
When you purchase in person, you will immediately receive a temporary licence and/or Outdoors Card printed on durable stock. Please do not laminate your licence. The heat from this process will make your licence unreadable.
2018 fishing licence fees for Ontario residents
Fees listed below include HST. A $2.26 service fee will be added.
Purchase here:
Outdoors Card
3-year sport fishing licence tag
3-year conservation fishing licence tag
1-year sport fishing licence tag
1-year conservation fishing licence tag
1-day sport fishing licence

(You don’t need an Outdoors Card)
Valid for 1 calendar day starting at 12:00 midnight