VMC Stand Up Shaky Head Jig

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The VMC® Stand-Up Shaky Head Jig is designed with a flat-bottomed head that allows it to standup and rock enticingly on the bottom. The VMC® Stand-Up Shaky Head Jig also features an easy-to-rig spiral locking spring to firmly secure your bait. With an all-new glitter finish, the VMC® Stand-Up Shaky Head Jigs come equipped with super sharp Vanadium® Steel, Needle Point hooks with 60 degree rotated jig eye.

4 Jigs Per Pack

HOOK - Forged Shank
Vanadium® Steel
Needle Point
JIG - Easy to Rig Spiral Locking Spring Secures Bait
60 degree Rotated Jig Eye
Glitter Finish