Traxstech Single Planer Board Mast

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Traxstech offers a variety of single planer board masts to fit all your fishing needs. Our planer board masts have an adjustable T-slot that allows the independent reels to be positioned from the base up. This provides maximum effectiveness and ease of use to the user. Our clutch system, which utilizes stainless steel spring washers and a one-handed adjustable tension feature, allows you to control the smooth deployment and retrieval of the planer boards. We offer Lexan and aluminum fishing reels. The aluminum reels are more rugged and durable.


  • Single Planer Board Mast with Adjustable Lexan Reel
  • Aluminum mast is 4 feet tall.
  • Base track purchased separately.

PART# SPM-200  


*** The above Single Planer Mast does not extend, only the Dual Planer Mast do. ***