Torpedo Trolling Wire Nineteen Strand 1000ft Smoke

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Nineteen Strand Torpedo Trolling Wire forgives kink, provides increased flexibility over 7 strand, less prone to spiny water fleas and its smoothness is less damaging to your guides. The weight of the Wire makes a great backing for leadcore and copper lines. 

Available in Smoky and Bright Wire Finish. 
The smoky color disappears into the water

Length: 1000 ft
Break 40 lbs
Knot 35 lbs
Kinked 30 lbs

  • Forgives kink 
  • Kinked line breaks at 30 lbs and can be straightened out 
  • 2.77 X more flexible than 7 strand wire 
  • Less prone to Spiny Water Fleas then 7 strand 
  • Rounder than 7 strand  
  • Smoother than 7 strand, easier on guides