Smithwick Top 20 Rogue

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Although debuted at the 2013 Bassmaster Classic as a jerkbait that would dive deeper and get down faster, Smithwick’s Perfect 10 Rogue was soon discovered by trollers, and the “new Rogue” quickly became the talk of the walleye world. True to the lure’s name, the sound, swimming action and profile were “perfect” for attracting walleyes. The first natural evolution from the Perfect 10’s popularity as a trolling lure was the development of new colors that were specifically designed to appeal to walleyes and other big-water trolling targets like salmon, brown trout and lake trout. The only thing missing was a version that would dive deeper without the aid of downriggers, leadcore line or snap weights. Missing no more Smithwick’s new Top 20 Rogue has the attributes of the Perfect 10, but it was engineered to dig twice as deep, providing an ideal option for times when the fish are farther down in the water column. It also kicks more aggressively, making it an excellent trolling option at a wide range of speeds. And early testing leaves little question that the Top 20 Rogue is every bit as irresistible to fish as the Perfect 10. Of course, a Top 20 also can be cast by anglers seeking bass or other gamefish that are holding over deep structure. Whether trolled or cast, it flashes colors like a baitfish and sends out a sound that fish cannot resist.