Rebel Middle Wee Craw Crankbait

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If you’ve spent any time with a Rebel Wee-Crawfish or Teeny Wee-Crawfish tied to the end of your line, at some point you’ve most likely wished that the Wee-Crawfish was just a bit smaller or the Teeny Wee-Crawfish was slightly larger.  If so, you’re in luck, the Rebel Middle Wee Craw falls right between those two classic baits and still provides the same great profile and wobbling action as its relatives.

Though the Rebel Middle Wee Craw is best known as a stream and river lure, it is still extremely effective in lakes, ponds, and reservoirs as well.  An easy lure to work, Rebel recommends the best approach is to simply cast it out and reel it back. This allows the profile and built-in swimming action to do the work for you. Featuring authentic crawfish paint jobs and equipped with sticky sharp #8 treble hooks, the Rebel Middle Wee Craw fills the void that anglers have been wanting.

Rebel                     Length Weight Depth

Middle Wee Craw 1.7" 3/16-oz 4-6 ft.