Megabass Destroyer P5 (JDM) Casting Rod

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In 1995, Yuki Ito prototyped the Destroyer® of traditional bass rods, drawing upon his hand-carved ARMS to unleash an unrivaled fusion of craft and technological innovation upon the Japanese bass market. Each subsequent generation of Destroyer® reached beyond the standards and conventions of their time to establish a new benchmark. A quarter-century later, “Project Living Legend” was established to ensure that each cycle of destruction and creation through innovation preserved Megabass’ rich DNA, bringing anglers ever-closer to the ideal.

Guided by this spirit, the LAIHA program gave birth to a limited concept rod series in 2019, developed to test and refine standard-destroying technologies to push innovation past present limits. From this tireless effort, the 5-D Graphite System was born. Representing a paradigm shift in the blank construction process, 5-D enables a more perfect realization of the Destroyer® through a new method of patterning and layering, unlocking untold potential.

Thus, with each generation, all change—especially destructive—is embraced in the technological pursuit of the angling ideal. Out of this cycle, Destroyer® rises anew to challenge anglers to new heights.

The F4-65X ONETEN STICK is built specifically for Japanese-style jerkbaiting, leveraging revolutionary 5-D graphite construction to elevate the jerkbait platform to new heights. At 6’5”, the length has been perfectly calibrated for maximum jerk impact with minimal effort, requiring less angler input to hit slack line and set your jerkbaits to dancing. 5-D construction makes for a refreshingly responsive blank, snapping back to attention with a whip-quickness that makes dialing-in jerkbait cadence a pure joy.

A set of larger-diameter guides are employed to add tip weight for ease of downward-jerking, in addition to reducing the effect of ice buildup in the winter months. Further, larger diameter rings provide a visual que—just watch for the line to reverberate and shake, and you know you have executed a proper slack-line jerk.

To many professional anglers, there is only one jerkbait—the VISION ONETEN. It stands to reason there is only one ONETEN STICK for Japanese jerkbaiting.

LENGTH -6'5"
POWER - Medium
LINE RATING - 8-20lb
LURE RATING - 1/4-3/4oz
TAPER - Slow

The F5-70X MAD BULL comfortably corrals the hard-charging action of deep crankbaits, vibrations and medium-sized swimbaits, and subdues recklessly fighting fish with the surprising strength of its 5-D blank. Regular taper design, supercharged with the 5-D’s high-tension construction, provides a wellspring of readily available power, enabling confident angling even in mat cover pockets requiring subtle precision.

LENGTH - 7'0"
POWER - Medium Heavy
LINE RATING - 10-25lb
LURE RATING - 3/8-1oz
TAPER - Regular

The F7-70X TEQUILA BACCARAC is an extra-heavy powered regular taper rod ideally suited to the challenges of versatile monster hunting. With the 5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM’s high-tension and high-torque power coursing through its veins, the F7-70X displays a tenacious ability to control swimbaits, big baits and larger frogs like the BIG GABOT in and around heavy cover. Impeccably balanced, resolutely powerful and surprisingly versatile, the TEQUILA OF BACCARAC is an unparalleled monster hunter.

LENGTH - 7'0"
POWER - Extra Heavy
LINE RATING - 12-30lb
LURE RATING - 3/4-4oz
TAPER - Regular