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Megabass Big-M 2.0

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BIG-M2.0 explores the 6ft range, a key depth throughout lake Biwa that is a staple of renowned anglers like Shinji Sato. The BIG-M2.0 specializes in drawing bites from feeders lurking below the 6ft mark, sparking wild chases through open water and shallow cover like. With a low center-of-gravity design, the BIG-M2.0 harnesses max-rotation rolling action to throw intense flash farther and wider, giving enticing glimpses of its exquisite flat-sided form to predators in the deep.

Casts are powered by a triple balancer system, enabling long-distance ballistic approaches in weather conditions that would otherwise overpower conventional flat-sided offerings.

Further, due to careful hydrodynamic consideration, the BIG-M exhibits surprisingly low pulling-resistance for its size, reducing the fatigue so often associated with larger lures. This allows anglers to comfortably deploy big bait techniques to target wider areas and new classes of fish, delivering maximum distance and performance with minimal effort. Send tremors through bass lurking in the shallows!

SCOOP BILL(PAT.P)The bill’s scoop design wrangles the water to produce rolling action and intense flashing.