Jackall Rerange 110 MR

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The Jackall Rerange MR is a new addition to the Rerange lineup to target those Mid Range jerkbait fish. "RERANGE" has incredible casting distance and great action by using our new specific weight transfer system "G Zero Friction". Compared to the Rerange SR that dives to 4ft, the MR model will reach up to nearly 8ft deep hile making a high pitch rolling action. When twitched, you can see clar darting action left and right. By removing all irregular darting action, it has been able to become the perfect minnow to fool bass. Rerange twitches and jerks very well in the water. The flat part on both sides of the bait create flashes than can switch on the predatory instincts bass are born with.

TG Zero Friction System includes a specially designed tungsten weight covered with a fluorine tube that allows the weigh to move effortlessly. During casts, nearly 20% of the lures weight is transferred to the back, allowing it to be thrown long distances.