G. Loomis E6X Steelhead Drift Spinning

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Steelhead use holding water to rest as they leave the ocean or the Great Lakes and migrate up coastal streams and inland tributaries to spawn. It's usually where less effort is needed to rest after a long journey up river. That's why you need a long rod to drift baits for these big, oversized, searun rainbows. The less current drag on your line, the more feel and control you will enjoy. When you need to fish a seam in the middle of the river you need accuracy. When you get the chance to fish all day long, you want a rod that's well balanced and as light as possible. When the normal bite is so light it's hard to tell it from the rocks, you need sensitivity and when that 20-pounder heads back toward the ocean you need plenty of power. That's what our E6X steelhead rods are all about and they make you a better angler!!