Strike King 5/0 Tour Grade Mag Jig Head

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To jig a big straight-tail worm effectively, you need a head that's built for it. The Strike King® Tour Grade Mag Jighead is specially made for this pro technique targeting big kicker fish. The head shape, weight, and hook size are perfectly matched to accommodate a big worm such as the KVD Perfect Plastics 10" Bullworm. Its stand-up profile keeps the worm in a natural position, and makes solid hooksets the rule rather than the exception. For the bass angler looking to seriously upgrade a tournament catch, the Tour Grade Mag Jighead is a must-have.

  • Weights, hooks and more
  • Stand-up head specifically targets larger bass
  • Designed for use with magnum worms or plastics
  • Ideal head shape, weight, and hook size
  • Natural look with solid hooksets