Jackall I-Prop 75S

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The Jackall I-Prop 75s was created to fish multiple levels of water, from just below the surface to targeting bass in the mid-column depths. The horizontal position of the lure gives it a realistic appearance while the perfectly placed props keep the lure stable underwater. Two props give out vibrations in the water mimicking the same vibrations baitfish make when swimming unthreatened. Specially designed props also give out the perfect resistance when retrieved to keep the lure in the strike zone longer. Continuously innovating, Jackall's design of the rear hook eye virtually eliminates tangles with the hooks and prop allowing anglers to cast out and fish worry-free. The new inner-scale design also fives off a different flash, attracting bass from a distance.

Prop setting is perfect to keep the lure horizontal. Rear hook position prevents interference with the prop and the prop gives moderate resistance to keep it in the strike zone longer.