Trabucco T-Force XPS Ultra Strong FC 403 Fluorocarbon Leader

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There is no fishing technique that does not benefit from the use of fluorocarbon for the construction of the hook-links and leaders; who can be successful without its invisibility, the extraordinary abrasion resistance, impermeability, sensitivity and security from light aggression? All of these physical and mechanical characteristics coexist in the ultra Stron FC 403, with the plus of softness that so much affects bait's presentation, in the classic use for linking hooks or flies, as well as in the formation of leaders for spinning, where the contact with predator's teeth is the norm every day. but it is in the dramatic traction that it looks down on everyone else, because its tensile strength to the knot is 40% higher than that of the best fluorocarbon available in the market until now.  The 50 meter spool is particularly compact and is presented in a sealed blister , containing a soft elastic band to secure the line and allow extraction of just a segment as needed.