Salt Water Beach Fishing

Posted by Nelson Murakami on

Who doesn't love the beach? But there's only so much lying in the sun that a person can take and only so much staring at the water that a angler can take without wanting to cast a line. 
Here are a few points to consider if you want to try your luck off the beach in the sunny south.
Depending on how quickly the water deepens and the extended structure, casting distance is often a big challenge in beach fishing, The general rule of thumb is longer rods, larger reels, heavier lures and lighter line cast farther. Of course you need to balance your tackle and consider the species you are targeting. If travelling by air a multi piece travel rod is a great investment.

Beach fishing gear

Spoons, body baits and swimbaits are great for casting far and working at different depths. Typically bright colours seem to work best in the surf. Live bait is another good option but unless you catch your own with a cast net or sabiki it may be hard to find. 
The easiest way to find fish is to let the birds show you. Active birds diving and feeding is a sure indication that baitfish are being pushed to the surface by bigger fish below. Rocky outcroppings, changes in water colour and river mouths are good places to start. Don't overlook deep troughs close to the shoreline as well. 

Fishing in Surf