Nishine Lure Works Erie 95SD Jerkbait

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Crafted by world-renowned lure designed, Hiroshi Nishine, the Nishine Lure Works Erie 95SD Jerkbait offers innovative features and an incredible fish catching action that will test the limits of your livewell. To start things off, the Nishine Lure Works Erie 95SD Jerkbait is molded with a thin flat sided profile to provide a highly realistic baitfish imitation and tons of flash when twitched through the water column. It also features a unique center of gravity system in the belly with a fixed molded weight, which helps generate an extremely lifelike darting and swimming action with the slightest twitch from the rod tip. A free moving tungsten ball inside the bait slides to the tail for increased casting distance then rolls forward into the head and locks in place at the beginning of the retrieve to provide an enticing rattle as well.

Not only does the Nishine Lure Works Erie 95SD Jerkbait deliver an unmatched action, it is also outfitted with top quality hardware including stainless steel split rings for added durability, a Nishine original snap, and Japanese made Ichikawa Kamakiri treble hooks that provide superior hook setting performance. Complete with downward looking 3D eyes, molded gill plates, and a textured scale finish for an added level of realism, the Nishine Lure Works Erie 95SD Jerkbait is available in multiple custom painted colors that will match the forage on any body of water.