Grumpy Baits Goliath Swim-Goby

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The GOLIATH SWIM-Goby is an all new bait style that is built on our highly successful GOLIATH Goby platform - but with a significant change in tail design. For those days when fish feel the need to chase baits horizontally, we've added a high-action, pulsing tail ideal at both slow or high retrieve rates. The GOLIATH SWIM-Goby has the body shape of a goby which represents one of the most popular food sources for numerous fish species in and around the Great Lakes Region.  This bait boasts a true goby-head design complete with bulging eyes, cheekplates as well as retracted pectorial fins and two realistic dorsal fins.  In addition, we've added an industry-first feature we call XBW (Xtra Body Waggle). XBW is a subtle side-to-side movement or waggle,that gives the GOLIATH SWIM-Goby additional body action that fish are drawn to.
GOLIATH SWIM-Goby is ideally suited for swimbait heads, ned and even drop shot rigging techniques when targetting smallmouth bass, largemout bass, walleye, lake trout, lake whitefish, brown trout, and many more freshwater and saltwater species.

  • Xtra-Action Tail (XAT) designed for optimal movement at both slow or high retrieve rates
  • Xtra Body Waggle (XBW) creates subtle side to side waggle during retrieve that drives fish crazy
  • Built on our proven GOLIATH Goby platform
  • Anatomically correct features, larger profile Round Goby bait design
  • Life-like head, body shape, dual-dorsal fin designed to mimick Great Lakes round goby
  • High-durabilty plastic made to last, yet supple enough to create life-like body and fin movements
  • Multitude of colors available for a variety of conditions and species
  • Multi-technique bait including jigging, casting and retrieving, drop-shotting, ice fishing, etc
  • Loaded with our new signature Grumpy Goby Sauce!
  • Loaded with hand-ground, sea salt so fish hang on longer
  • 6 pieces per bag
  • Recommended Hook Size:  2/0, 3/0 hook of choice