POW Casting Depth Charge Trolling Weight

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Depth charge clip on trolling weights are a simple, but effective way to add depth to any presentation. Using the simple 50/50 rule you can add an additional 7 feet of depth, to any presentation, for each ounce of weight used. Simply let out 50 feet of line clip on a weight and let of 50 feet more line. The combined effect of the spring tension and the rubber pads hold the weight firmly in place on your line while the center retaining pin adds extra assurance the weight will not fall off.


  • Adding depth to body bait presentations on flat lines or planer boards.
  • Dragging live or artificial baits across the bottom.
  • Getting your spoon closer to bottom without endangering you downrigger equipment.
  • Flat lining trolling spoons to keep them from skipping across the top of the water.
  • Anything else a little extra weight and your imagination can dream up.