Mustad Professional Fillet Kit

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Complete 5 Piece Kit!

The Mustad Fillet Kit contains everything you need to get the jon done right. The extra sharp fillet knife features a razor sharp, high grade stainless steel blade bonded with an ergonomic, ultra-tough, easy to clean ported polypropylene handle. An included knife sharpener will keep the blade razor sharp and ready for years of use. The rigid, locking safety sheath will help you avoid accidental injury. The durable nylon kit glove will help you hold any fish in okace for a more comfortable filleting experience. When you're done, use the stainless steel washing stone and cold water to remove unwanted scents from your hands.

  • Heavy duty premium grade stainless steel fillet knife with razor sharp factory edge
  • Durable, rigid safety sheath with thumb lock
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle design
  • Thick, sure grip nylon kit (fillet glove fits right or left hand)
  • Handy Knife Sharpener
  • Bonus stainless steel odor removing washing stone