Mepps Trolling Rig

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The Mepps Trolling Rig was developed in northern Wisconsin on a stormy day when walleye expert Terry Leffel couldn’t get out on the water so he started to tinker with some of his Mepps spinners. He took a couple apart, added a stinger hook to a dressed streamer front hook and put them to the test the next day. They worked like a charm, he had something here. A year later with many final touches to get it just right Mepps launched the finished product.

Starting from the business end, the stinger treble hook is attached using flexible braided stainless steel leader and a loop system allowing for easy hook changes. Stainless is much more resistant than mono. The dressings on the top single hook are either bucktail, which has a muted natural action or tinsel, flashier as it “lights up” when it hits the water. The floating body gives the bait buoyancy which is very important. This style of bait is often pulled behind a bottom bouncer at slow speeds for walleye. Without it, it would be dropping down on turns or pauses and getting snagged. The genuine Mepps Aglia blade is attached to the Trolling Rig using a stainless steel spiral wound clevis that allows for quick and easy blade changes. Proven for 75 years, it emits a thump and vibration that is unequaled to call fish in.