Megabass Soft Sleeper Craw

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The revolutionary Sleeper Craw promises to upend the conventional craw imitation game, with its hidden hook design, realistic features, and effective fish-catching power. This hidden hook structure offers a subtle presentation that encourages extended seduction of the prey and decreases the likelihood of snags, allowing fishermen to traverse a range of habitats, from bank-sided docks to woody cover.

Made of a buoyant, long-lasting material that emits an exclusive scent, the Sleeper Craw appears in a claws-up position and moves with natural realism. The weight is encased to allow it to go down rocks without any non-natural metallic clinks. This makes the Sleeper Craw suitable for bottom presentations. Vigorous hops, light line shakes, and bottom-bumping drags all bring the Sleeper Craw to life and its distinctive shape triggers fresh bites.

Product Description:

Length: 3"
Weight: 5/8oz