Gary Yamamoto Zako - 4"

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Designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Pro, Brett Hite, the Zako Swimbait joins the ranks of Yamamoto's legendary line of soft plastic baits. Its segmented body and forked tail allow it to excel as a vibrating jig trailer, and its split-belly makes it a great choice for weedless Texas-rigging. The Zako also features a large-belly baitfish profile that perfectly mimics Bluegill and Shad, while also giving you more plastic to feed onto a jig-hook. Available in a wide range of Yamamoto's signature colors, the Zako Swimbait is sure to be a staple in every angler's box.

Several years ago, the Yamamoto Pro Brett Hite set out to create the perfect vibrating jig trailer, one that would require zero modifications and would perform to his exacting standard each and every time. Hite wanted the swimbait trailer to look very natural and to follow, not overpower, the fluid swimming action of the jig. After an extensive period of design and on the water testing, the Yamamoto Zako was born.

The Zako has not only become one of the most popular swimbait trailers around but has also played a key role in many Tour level events including Ott Defoe’s win at the 2019 Bassmaster Classic. The original Zako derives its fluid swimming action from the motion created by the vibrating blade

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