G. Loomis IMX Steelhead Float Spinning Rod

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Float fishing for steelhead is a very effective technique, especially when there are a lot of snags in the water or the fish are suspended. It's kind of like fishing for bluegill with a bobber and red worms, but the current is a lot swifter, the fish a lot bigger and the reward a lot greater. Float fishing requires a long, light, responsive rod so you can mend your line to maintain a drag-free drift and cover as much water as you can, plus when you lift the tip to set the hook, you can move a lot of line which is especially important when the floats are set deep or you're at the end of a long, extended drift. The extra length also helps protect the line, especially considering the size of the fish you're after and the crazy way they fight when hooked. The advantage you'll experience with the our IMX float rods is technical and as well as aesthetic. Extra-long rear grips provide added leverage and fish-fighting control. It's fun and effective way to catch one of world's great game-fish!! Available in both spinning and casting configurations!