BaitCloud Fish Attractant

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Our product works whether you fish on the dock, at the shore, in your ice hut, or from a boat. Toss BaitCloud in the water or fasten to your line, and bring the fish to you.

TOSS. When choosing a spot, think about the character of the lake; consider season and conditions to try and figure out where fish should be.

WAIT. Fish detect their target primarily by sight and water vibrations through their special cells called their lateral line. When a fish hears or feels the presence of BaitCloud, it comes over to investigate the movement or sound. BaitCloud uses this multi-sensory approach to attract the fish to your area. Now it’s up to you!

FISH. Choosing the right lure is about making educated decisions and using the most likely presentation to have success. Cast into the area where you dropped BaitCloud and fish! BaitCloud is engineered to change the odds. Bring the fish to YOU.