Quantum Smoke S3 PT Spinning Reel

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Using Reel Engine Design 2.0™ – Quantum’s new Smoke S3 series is the product of a whole new way to build a spinning reel in an all aluminum uni-body construction, which keeps all the gears and key components in precise alignment for a smoother more durable reel, versus more typical 2-part reels. Speaking of gears, Smoke S3 reels feature an all-new asymmetric gear that is forged and machined from high-strength aluminum to allow the gears to mesh better for incredible durability and smoothness.

Model: SM25XPT

Gear Ratio: 6.0:1

Inches Per Turn: 32”

Max Drag: 18lbs

Bearings: (3PTAC+8BB)+1RB

Weight: 8 oz


Model: SM30XPT

Gear Ratio: 6.0:1

Inches Per Turn: 35”

Max Drag: 20lbs

Bearings: (3PTAC+8BB)+1RB

Weight: 8.3 oz