Geiger Tech Extreme Mount 3.5" Arm for 12"-19" Graphs

Regular price $379.99

Our Extreme Mount was designed with two things in mind. Huge electronics and very rough water.

This mount has been succesfully tested with Humminbird's Apex 16" and 19" passing easily.

This mount starts with over 7lbs of aluminum, after we finish the CNC machining we end up with a finished product of over 4 1/2lbs. Clear Anodized to keep this mount looking great for years!

Our Extreme mount features an oversized locking tooth system, a helicoiled base, and oversized arms.

Our Extreme Mount features an industry best 5 axis of movement and comes with a stainless steel gimbal mounting kit, helicoiled base, and anodized components. This means long lasting durability.

This mount and all of our other products are designed and tested on the biggest and nastiest lakes in North America. Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, and Lake Simcoe. Many of our saltwater customers run them in even nastier waters!

All of our Arm Mounts feature a positive locking tooth system. Our proprietary CNC machined teeth are the secret to high strength and micro adjustability.

This is a very strong mount for your electronics!